Why is Robinson so successful? Because of Volunteers like YOU!

There are many volunteer opportunities available throughout the year -- both short term and long term opportunities, as well as things that can be done during the day or the evening depending on your work schedule. 

Information for 2018-19 is being posted as it become available.  Meanwhile, if you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact Elaine Sullivan, our volunteercoordinator@robinsonptsa.org.

Every year, it takes thousands and thousands of volunteer hours to make Robinson the school it is. Please join us this year!


CURRENT SIGNUPS AVAILABLE (more coming soon!):  


Social Media Assistance: Calling you social media gurus!  Did you know that the Robinson PTSO is on Facebook and Twitter?  If not, it is probably because the 40-something PTSO President is not very media savvy and needs your help!  We especially welcome students, to help run our Facebook at Twitter account.  Contact president@robinsonptso.org 


Marketplace Auction & Raffle Co-chair:  We are looking for someone willing to shadow the Marketplace Auction & Raffle this year so that they can take charge of this important event for next year.  You can learn all the ins and outs this year, so you'll be more than ready to take over.  Please email Amy Riddick at ptso.robinson@gmail.com if you can help or have any questions.
Two Marketplace opportunities for both adults and students looking for volunteer hours:

Marketplace 2018 Volunteers: Please click here to help with the Marketplace itself on November 9-10.
Marketplace Auction and Raffle: Please click here to help during October.



  More information is here: Robinson_Numbers_to_Know_2018.doc